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November 2019 Newsletter

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Message from the President

by Linda Winslow – Class of 1969
The Education Foundation is grateful for the many gifts and continued support we have received over the years. Our community and donors are vested in giving back to our students through volunteering and gifting.

Our foundation is GROWING! We have received donations in the past year to create endowments, add to the current funds and increase our scholarship gifts to graduating seniors from Marquette Area Public Schools. Five new funds have been created this past year; Scott and Jill White Family Fund, Mick and Judy Vonck Family Fund, Barb Crill Memorial Fund, Joe and Elaine Drobny Art Fund and the UPDON Go Blue Diabetes Fund.

We provided over $7,000 in grants to our students and staff for innovative projects that had a direct benefit on students in our elementary schools, middle school, and high schools. Many of these grants will continue to impact students in the future.

Our community has actively supported this success! Thank you.

Grants Report

Kelly Simon -MSHS – Standing Desks
Blythe Raikko – MSHS – Learning by Doing
Terry Tammelin – Superior Hills – Don’t Walk in the Hallway
Michele L’Hullier – Superior Hills – One Book One School
Meridith Waara – Superior Hills -NEW Touch Tech in Kindergarten
M. L’Hullier and students – Superior Hills – Playground Improvements
Amy Pruner – Sandy Knoll – Mock Caldecott
Melinda Longton – Superior Hills – Outdoor Learning Space
Britta Taylor – Superior Hills – Enhanced Ergonomic Desk
Jen Thunell – MSHS -Birthday Wall
Cindy DePetro & Jenn Bell – MAHS – Out with the Old in with the NEW!

Fiscal Report

Fund NameBalance as of Sept 1, 2019
General Fund$3,351.83
MAPS Ed Foundation Scholarships
MAPS Ed Foundation Endowment - Grants$103,689.57
Faye "Madame" Amo Memorial Scholarship$11,211.59
Thomas Baldini Memorial Scholarship$74.213.08
Leonard "Oakie" Brumm Scholarship$19,508.96
Bob and Mary Bucklin Scholarship$3,555.98
Class of 1999 Scholarship$18,274.25
Class of 2000 Scholarship$4,293.52
Coccia-Holmstrom Family Science Fund$18,602.54
Bob Crandall Scholarship$14,973.37
Barb Crill Memorial Scholarship$228.27
Shawn Michael Dollar Scholarship$13,242.90
Joe and Elaine Drobny Scholarship$52,039.63
Marianne Mazucchi Evans Memorial$107,610.44
Terry Gill & Pamela Gill Duffey Scholarship$40,872.39
Graveraet Class of 1964 Scholarship$2,680.02
Catherine and Sarah L. Hawes Scholarship$111,353.45
Ray and Peg Hirvonen Scholarship$8,937.03
Duane Kramer Memorial Scholarship$3,109.35
Lawrence Family Scholarship$449,974.51
LivStrong Olivia J. Lemoine Memorial Scholarship$6,270.06
Kelsey Leigh Lindberg Memorial Scholarship
Marquette Township Fire Dept Membership$9,910.49
Marquette Police Department Scholarship$9,028.59
Andrew McNamee Scholarship$7,130.95
Tim McVannel Memorial Scholarship$17,450.01
Phill Niemisto Young Entrepreneur Scholarship$1,813.84
William Ostwald Memorial Scholarship$12,884.91
Harold & Mary Lou Peterson Family Scholarship$12,251.06
Angela Rae Reichel Memorial Scholarship$6,213.90
FORCODY Cody Revord Memorial Scholarship$16,381.97
Rizzardi Memorial Scholarship$23,127.18
Dave Turenne Scholarship$14,968.21
UPDON Go Blue Diabetes Scholarship$427.78
VAST Scholarship$13,508.42
Mick and Judy Vonck Family Scholarship$15,121.18
Whelan University of Michigan Scholarship$51,359.07
Scott and Jill White Family Scholarship$14,861.59
Aaron Winslow Memorial Scholarship$15,622.47

Download Newsletter as PDF

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