Enhancing educational opportunities through the development of scholarships and grants

Tuesday, May 17, 2022, 6:30 p.m. Barb Crill High School Gym

Awarded 119 Scholarships in 2021 Totalling:

About The Education Foundation for Marquette Public Schools

The Marquette Area Public Schools Education Foundation is an organization formed of citizens residing in the Marquette community composed of interested parents of current or former students, professional/career persons and others who have a strong interest in the education, events or special projects that are ongoing throughout the Marquette Area Public Schools. The Marquette Area Public Schools Education Foundation grants program is to support innovative curriculum development, instructional improvement, and student educational activities. The Foundation encourages the development of projects that enhance learning experiences beyond those included in the school district budget.



It is the mission of the Education Foundation for Marquette Public Schools to raise funds to provide enhanced educational opportunities and scholarships for students in the Marquette Area Public Schools.


Every student graduate receives support for their future goals.

Board of Directors

Linda Winslow - President;  Carolyn McDonald - Vice-President;  Jackie Menhennick - Treasurer;  Barbara Kelly - Secretary; Michael Anderegg;  Catherine Bolm;  Elsa Clement; Zach Sturdy;  Tyler LaPlaunt;  Chuck Swanson

Superintendent: Zack Sedgwick

Board Member Application

The Education Foundation for Marquette Public Schools is nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that supports the students and staff at Marquette Area Public Schools (MAPS). The Foundation provides this support by funding scholarships, grants and innovative projects- encouraging the development of projects that enhance learning experiences.

The Foundation Directs Support Toward the Following Goals:

To Promote Student Development

Student Development

  1. Provide resources for innovative educational opportunities.
  2. Recognize outstanding student ideas through grant awards.
  3. Provide scholarships to students for extraordinary educational opportunities.

Promote Community Involvement

Employee Excellence

  1. Promote community awareness about the Education Foundation and MAPS's programs/projects.
  2. Provide avenues for individuals and organizations to share resources through grants, scholarships, and projects.

To Promote Engagement

Employee Excellence

  1. Provide grants for creative teaching ideas and unique instructional programs.
  2. Support innovative projects and growth opportunities developed by MAPS district employees to support students.

Featured Scholarship

Jordan DeMay #IGOTYOU Education Scholarship

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Pendill Wall of Excellence

The Pendill Wall honors graduates from the Marquette Public School District that have excelled in their career field and have become a betterment to mankind. Click this APPLICATION link to submit a nomination online, or print and submit the application to us at 1201 W. Fair Avenue, Marquette, MI 49855.