Scholarships & Funds

We offer a wide range of scholarships to students of  Marquette Area Public Schools

The MAPS Education Foundation Heritage Scholarships for graduating High School Seniors were established in 2016. The Scholarships are named for Marquette Senior High School, Graveraet, Bishop Baraga Central and John D. Pierce. Opening in 1965, Marquette Senior High School has been graduating local students for over 50 years. In honoring that milestone with this scholarship, we feel tribute must be paid to the three local high schools that preceded MSHS. Graveraet, Bishop Baraga Central and John D. Pierce graduates have also contributed to the fabric of the Marquette Community and its growth and success through the years. Although two of the school buildings no longer grace our city, they were an integral part of who we are and where we came from. Please consider making a donation to one of the these scholarships in honor of a loved one or your own graduating class.


1st to Finish CSA Fund

“1st to Finish” is a Children's Saving Account (CSA) program established by the Education Foundation for all first graders in Marquette Public Schools. Each year, first grade students will have a savings account established at a local bank. These accounts will be available to the student after graduation for a variety of post secondary education expenses.

The Education Foundation will fund each account with an initial deposit. Range Bank will provide services for students attending Cherry Creek Elementary School and Graveraet Elementary School while Incredible Bank will provide banking services for students attending Sandy Knoll Elementary School and Superior Hills Elementary School.

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Here is a current list of our scholarship and fund opportunities - start a new one today

“FORCody” Cody Revord Memorial Scholarship Fund
“LIVStrong” Olivia Jean LeMoine Memorial Scholarship
Aaron Winslow Memorial Scholarship
Andrew McNamee Scholarship
Angela Rae Reichel Memorial Scholarship
Barb Crill Memorial Scholarship
Ben Brow Memorial Scholarship
Bob Crandall Scholarship
Catherine M. and Sarah L. Hawes
Class of 1999 Scholarship
Class of 2000 Scholarship
Class of 2014 Scholarship
Class of 2019 Scholarship
Class of 2021
Cocia-Holmstrom Science Fund
Dave Turenne Scholarship
Dr. Bob and Mary Bucklin Scholarship
Duane Kramer Memorial Scholarship
Faye “Madame” Amo Memorial Scholarship
Frances “Buzz” Brumm Music Scholarship
Graveraet Class of 1964 Scholarship
Harold and Mary Lou Peterson Family Scholarships
Heritage Fund
Impact a Life Scholarship
Jeffrey Bruning Scholarship Fund
Joe and Elaine Drobny Scholarship
Jordan DeMay #IGOTYOU Education Scholarship
Kathy Weber Memorial Scholarship
Kelsey Leigh Lindberg Memorial Scholarship
Lawrence Family Fund
Leonard “Oakie” Brumm/Marquette Iron Ranger Scholarship
Makerspace Fund
Marianne Mazzuchi Evans Memorial Scholarship
Marquette Area Public Schools Education Foundation Scholarships
Marquette Police Department Scholarship
Marquette Township Fire Department Membership Scholarship
Mayhew Family
Michele Butler and Dr. Jeff Butler Family Scholarship
Mick and Judy Vonck Family Scholarship
Phil Niemisto Young Entrepreneur Scholarship
Ray and Peg Hirvonen Scholarship
Scott and Jill White Family Scholarship
Shawn Michael Dollar Scholarship
Terry Gill and Pamela Gill Duffey Memorial Scholarships
The Class of 1971 Scholarship
The Class of 2020 Scholarship in Honor of Haley VanAbel
The Elaine Salo Rizzardi and Joseph Rizzardi Memorial Scholarship Fund
Thomas L. Baldini Memorial Scholarship
Tim McVannel Memorial Scholarship
U.P.D.O.N. GO BLUE Diabetes Scholarship
VAST Scholarship
Wheland University of Michigan Business Scholarship
William H. Ostwald Memorial Scholarship