U.P.D.O.N. GO BLUE Diabetes Scholarship



The U.P. Diabetes Outreach Network (UPDON) is proud to present the “Go Blue for Diabetes” scholarship to a student-athlete who is living with Type 1 Diabetes. Being a student-athlete is hard enough but living with Type 1 Diabetes adds an extra layer of difficulty. Keeping blood sugars in range while studying and playing sports takes a lot of discipline and dedication and the “Go Blue for Diabetes” scholarship is a way to honor and acknowledge this. UPDON is a small non-profit organization whose mission is to: To promote innovative partnerships to strengthen the prevention, detection and management of diabetes across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

To be considered eligible for this scholarship a graduating senior student must:
  • Have been a MAPS Athlete during their high school career
  • Be diagnosed with Type I Diabetes OR are a sibling/friend/child/etc of someone living with Type 1 Diabetes