We award large grants up to $2,500 and small grants up to $300 to staff and students for innovative projects that are not funded by the school district. The grant application outlines types of requests the Foundation may approve and the application process. The Foundation review dates are January 15th, September 15th, and November 15th. 

Funding for grants comes from the Education Foundation Endowment Fund, the Cocica-Holmstrom Family Science Fund, or the Elementary School Fund supported by the Community Foundation for Marquette County.


The MAPS Makerspace is a place for people to explore, invent, collaborate, tinker, play, create, and experiment! See what they are up to here:

The Education Foundation is administering a grant fund to help support our students' efforts at the Makerspace. You can contribute by visiting our Donation Page, selecting Grants, and selecting the Makerspace fund.

Application DateGrant Recipient NameMAPS SchoolGrant TitleFunding Amount
4/2021D. Kruhak & A. FureSandy KnollYoga Calm$850.00
3/2021T. VickersSuperior Hills Contrabass Bars$1,430.00
3/2021R. HauffGraveraetProjectors for Visual Learners$2,066.00
3/2021A. Racine & C. PhillipsCherry CreekMulti-Sensory Core Learning$478.32
1/11/2021A. PrunerSandy KnollMock Caldecott$500.00
1/5/2021T. LajimodiereGraveraet1st Floor Sensory Room$500.00
1/5/2021A. RacineCherry CreekEvery Student Gets to Read$1,000.00
12/8/2020M. Hoffman & M. DyeMSHSMultimedia Editing Studio$1,118.00
12/8/2020R. BarkerBothwellExercise Tools for Diverse Learners$312.94
12/8/2020K. McCutcheonMSHSMovement Matters$500.00
12/8/2020R. LaBrecqueMSHSNext Level Virtual Teaching$950.00
12/8/2020E. HammerstromMSHSRedSpan TV Production Trailer$2,500.00
12/8/2020C. SmaileyMSHSOutdoor Learning Space$1,852.00
5/1/2020R. LaBrecqueMSHSFace Shields - Makerspace$1,000.00
5/1/2020K. BancroftSuperior HillsSuperior Hills Actively Reading Everyday$750.00
2/1/2020L. MacQueeBothwellMindful Schools in Middle School$150.00
2/1/2020W. Nyfler & W. MansonMSHSColorblind Glasses$2,281.12
2/1/2020D. KruhakGraveraetInclusive High-Intensity Field Day$575.00
10/22/2019Z. SedgwickSuperior HillsSH Outdoor Learning Space$2,500.00
10/22/2019H. MarsicGraveraetZoo Phonics$75.00
10/22/2019T. LajimodiereGraveraetSensory Room Update$931.49
5/1/2018Tracy FelizCherry CreekGarden Club$1,500.00
3/1/2018Wendy Hill-MansonMSHSBiology Microscopes$730.10
1/10/2018Steve Solinski & Stephen AtwoodMSHSWeather Station$500.00
1/10/2018Fred ColeMSHSWe the People State Finals Registration & Supplies$325.00
10/1/2017Jake Fether, Becky Simmons with Students: Mia, Alyssa & GraceMSHSWacom Tablets for MAPS Makerspace$1,200.00
10/1/2017Trisha Vickers Superior Hills Elementary Ukuleles for the Music Room$1,274.70
10/1/2017Steve Solinski & Stephen AtwoodMSHSWeathering and Erosion in a Rock Tumbler$238.00