Angela Rae Reichel Memorial Scholarship



Angela Rae Reichel was a Class of 2004 Marquette Senior High School graduate. Angela’s love for life and ability to notice the positives in others were evident in everything she accomplished. She looked at life in a non-conventional way and tended to be dramatic to get her point across. Angela was always able to look beyond what a person showed on the outside and see the inner beauty residing within.

Angela passed away on July 10, 2005 after a courageous life-long battle with Cystic Fibrosis. She considered herself to be blessed by being the recipient of a lung transplant four months prior to her passing.

The Angela Rae Reichel Memorial Scholarship is made possible through the generous donations of her family and friends, whom she held near and dear to her heart. The scholarship is awarded to a student who has overcome some type of hardship, yet through it all, has kept an optimistic attitude. The chosen student should demonstrate a positive outlook on life and be seen by others as an overall great individual.

The following is considered when selecting the award recipient:
  • Marquette Senior High School graduating senior
  • A person who has overcome adversity and wants to build a positive future
  • Will attend a trade school, apprenticeship program or college/university