Terry Gill and Pamela Gill Duffey Memorial Scholarships



The Terry Gill and Pamela Gill Duffey Memorial Scholarships have been made possible by a gift from Mr. Thomas Gill, former Marquette Area Public Schools Superintendent.

Terry was the oldest of Mr. Gill’s five children and only son. At the age of nineteen, Terry was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. By the time he graduated from Western Michigan University he was confined to a wheelchair. Terry died in 1980 at the age of thirty. He was a fine young man and Mr. Gill feels it is appropriate to honor Terry’s name on a scholarship.

Pamela was Terry’s sister and Mr. Gill’s middle child. After the birth of her first child, Pam was diagnosed with leukemia. Scotty, Mr. Gill’s first grandchild, was two years old when his mother passed away in 1979. This scholarship is a living gift to help a Marquette Area Public Schools student go to college and make a contribution to society.
These scholarships are a way for Mr. Gill to honor two children who died too young, and to say “thank you” to Marquette Area Public Schools Board of Education for showing their confidence in him from 1987-1991.

A favorite quotation of Mr. Gill’s is:”If you treat an individual as he could be and ought to be, he will become what he could be and ought to be.” Goethe

These two scholarships are presented to one male and one female senior graduating from Marquette Area Public Schools who desire to further their education in a two or four year post secondary college or university, trade or apprenticeship program.

The following characteristics are considered when possible for awarding these scholarships:
  • Students who have overcome some type of difficulty
  • Students who have worked to meet school and family objectives
  • Students who participated in extra-curricular activities
  • Students who have a goal to serve society in some type of human service