Leonard “Oakie” Brumm/Marquette Iron Ranger Scholarship



This scholarship was set up in 2006 by family and friends to celebrate Mr. Brumm’s ice hockey career and share his passion for the sport. The funds will be awarded to recipients who exhibits those characteristics that endeared Oakie to his family and friends. Mr. Brumm was one of Marquette’s greatest ambassadors of the game of hockey.

Mr. Brumm was a three letter athlete graduating from Graveraet High School in 1944. He served in the army before attending the University of Michigan, where he played on the first NCAA national hockey championship team. He went on to become a coach, athletic-recreation director at Marquette State Prison, and a semi professional player/coach on the Marquette Sentinels. He was actively involved with the Marquette Iron Rangers, coaching many championship teams during the 1960’s and 1970’s. In 1997, while coaching in Wisconsin, he earned the distinction as the oldest high school hockey coach in the nation. Mr. Brumm died in 2006, but his family and friends will always remember his spirit and passion for the game of hockey.

The award is presented to a graduating senior hockey player who attends Marquette Senior High School and is enrolled in a post secondary college or university. The recipient will demonstrate academic achievement and posses the following personal characteristics:
  • Ability to be coached
  • Team player qualities
  • Outstanding record of no “stupid” penalties