Joe and Elaine Drobny Scholarship



The scholarship is being established by Joe and Elaine Drobny. Joe
Drobny is a 1944 Graveraet High School graduate and Elaine Drobny is a
1943 graduate of Baraga High School. They are the parents of three
children, all Marquette High School Graduates. Elaine worked at Michigan Bell telephone for 33 years. Joe has been a prolific artist throughout his life. He has been a member of the Lake
Superior Art Association and Art on The Rocks from their inception, and has garnered many awards and provided many artistic contributions which enhance Marquette. Joe and Elaine were born in Marquette and have lived here their entire lives because they love the lake. Strong supporters of Marquette, Joe and Elaine continue to give of their time for the betterment of our community. This scholarship will be awarded to a student that is interested in visual arts and design.