Kelsey Leigh Lindberg Memorial Scholarship



The first annual Kelsey Leigh Lindberg Memorial Scholarship was presented in 2009 to an individual in Kelsey’s graduating class. The funds that made this award possible were contributed by Kelsey’s family, many friends and others who loved her dearly. Her family is very proud and extremely honored to give this gift in memory of their beautiful daughter, Kelsey Leigh.

Kelsey was a very unique person who BELIEVED not only in herself, but in others, too. She had a keen awareness about her, knowing when someone was in need of a friend, even those she did not know. It was very important to stand up for the “under dog” and, as Kelsey would say, “Everyone has a voice.” She cherished and valued her many friends and loved being with them, they were an important part of her life as was her family. Kelsey was an outstanding athlete and well known for her quick and aggressive left defense skills in soccer, a game she loved to play. Kelsey was a very good runner participating in track and cross country. Music was also something that Kelsey loved; she was thrilled at introducing “country music” to all her friends.

Kelsey had a BEAUTIFUL, contagious smile, and loving spirit, generous heart and bubbly personality. She will never be forgotten. Kelsey Leigh Lindberg was called to Heaven on June 9, 2007 at the young age of sixteen.

This award is presented to a male or female graduate of Marquette Senior High School or Alternative High School who has a desire to further his/her education via college, trade school and /or apprenticeship program, and who is:
  • An open and caring individual
  • A participant of a soccer program, high school, travel or recreational program
  • All GPA’s considered