Phil Niemisto Young Entrepreneur Scholarship



The Phil Niemisto Young Entrepreneur Scholarship was established in 2018 in memory of Phil Niemisto who was such a visible part of the Marquette community for years. We feel that this scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for all of us to remember his cheer and contributions.

Phil was placed in the Marquette Orphange at a young age during The Great Depression. He lived there into his adolescence, and then he was sent off on his own with a limited education and hardly any cash in his wallet. He discovered his true calling, the one that would eventually make him a Marquette icon. He created his own jobs, washing windows and shoveling snow for merchants downtown and along Third Street while setting up and caring for gardens interspersed amid the buildings. He negotiated casual, friendly deals with the business owners, maintained his accounting books, and worked his routes six days a week. And people noticed. They valued his service. Awards piled up year and year. Phil Niemisto had become, quite possibly, the most famous and beloved citizen of Marquette.

To be considered eligible for this scholarship a student:
  • Shall have an Entrepreneur spirit
  • Shall be Self-Motivated
  • Be friendly and kind
  • Be professional