“LIVStrong” Olivia Jean LeMoine Memorial Scholarship



Olivia Jean LeMoine entered eternal life at the tender age of eighteen, in her senior year of high school. While attending Marquette Senior High School, Olivia carried a job and was active in athletics, school politics and various programs. In her spare time she loved reading, fishing, fashion, shopping, going to the beach, enjoying concerts and country music.

Olivia was loyal, strong willed, loving, and caring beyond belief. She was a friend to everyone, and was never afraid to speak her mind to stand up for what she felt was right- Olivia would always remind people that there are two sides to every story, and not to judge people before you know the real story.

The “LIVStrong” Olivia Jean LeMoine Memorial Scholarship is made possible by the support of Olivia’s family, friends, peers and community at large it is an honor to present this scholarship to a graduating senior of Marquette Area Public Schools with the following qualities:
  • Very motivated and hardworking- goal orientated
  • A leader in and out of school
  • Makes others feel value, loved and important