Dave Turenne Scholarship



Someone once said, “Teaching is not a career, it is a way of life”. Dave Turenne epitomized this phrase. As a teacher in the Marquette Area Public School District from 1984 to 2000, he devoted most of his time and energy to his students and the profession. As the Advanced Placement United States History teacher, Mr. Turenne was known as a taskmaster and created one of the most challenging courses in the school, yet always had a large number of students register for the class. And while the national average for passing the AP U.S. History exam hovered around fifty percent, his students passed at an average rate of eighty percent. He regularly reiterated his catch phrase “Do or Do Not – There is No Try”, even going so far as to have it engraved on pencils which he distributed at the start of the school year.

Outside of the classroom he devoted most of his time to student activities – coaching basketball was his favorite, yet he also could be found chaperoning dances, volunteering at track meets, working on homecoming floats and the like. He was also a legend in the local American Legion baseball scene, where he was known as a firm but fair umpire. (One of his protégé’s, Adam Hamari, is pursuing his dream of being a Major League umpire). With his unexpected passing in 2000 the Marquette Area Public School District, as well as the entire community, lost an educational leader.

This scholarship has been established by his family in his honor with the hope that Dave’s legacy will inspire other teachers and students to reach the high expectations that he had for everyone.

The Marquette Senior High School Social Studies Department developed the following criteria for this scholarship:
  • Should be an Advanced Placement U.S. History student
  • Class grade of B or better in AP U.S. History
  • Involvement in extra-curricular activities
  • Honor Society member in good standing