Shawn Michael Dollar Scholarship



The Shawn Michael Dollar Memorial Scholarships were established in memory of Shawn Michael Dollar.

Shawn’s life was defined by his love of family, his love for his friends and his love of sports. It is the sincere hope of his family that these scholarships benefit students that share his passion in these areas.
His personality was such that he went out of his way to ensure that everyone felt as though they belonged, were included, and, most importantly, had fun. This trait enabled Shawn to be a leader both in athletics and in his personal life. His selflessness and dedication endeared people to him, and enabled him to form lasting and loving relationships with his many dear friends and family. It is through the generosity of the many people whose lives were touched by Shawn, that these scholarships are offered.

Shawn, a 1996 graduate of Marquette Senior High School, developed a passion for sports and athletics at an early age. He enjoyed playing soccer, baseball, hockey, football and basketball. Shawn had the wonderful combination of athletic ability and sportsmanship that made him a pleasure to play with, or against.

This scholarship is awarded to one male and one female graduate of Marquette School who demonstrates:
  • A commitment to academics as reflected in a minimum grade point average
  • A love and passion for athletics and sportsmanship as reflected by 2-3 years high school sports participation and possible collegiate competition
  • Leadership as exemplified by sportsmanship and welcoming all other athletes equally
  • Friendship and acceptance of all other students regardless of social circle or grade level