Coccia-Holmstrom Family Science Fund Grant Application

The purpose of the Marquette Area Public School Education Foundation grants program is to support innovative curriculum development, instructional improvement, and student educational activities. The Foundation encourages the development of projects that enhance learning experiences beyond those included in the school district budget. Projects funded by the Coccia-Holmstrom Family Science Fund should be “hands on” projects to encourage student interest in science.

Technology requests must demonstrate how they are compatible with the district technology vision.  *Contact the MAPS Technology Director for compatibility.

  • All MAPS K-12 science teachers are eligible for grants
  • Maximum award: One (1) $500 award or two (2) $250 awards
  • Applications due: January 10, March 1, May 1, October 1
    (After October, before applying contact the Education Foundation (225-5320) to see if funds have been expended)
  • Awards announced: January, March, May, October

Application Process
A Downloadable Copy of the completed application should be submitted to the Marquette Area Public Schools Education Foundation Assistant at The application must be sent with a brief executive summary in the body of the email. Consideration of a request will occur during the next quarter’s meetings of the Grant Review Committee and the Board of Directors.


Fill out and submit the form below:

  • A signature is required for technology requests only. Signature reflects that request is compatible with MAPS district technology vision and does not indicate approval of funding for the request.
  • A signature is required for all applications. Signature reflects that request is compatible with building and district vision and does not indicate approval of funding for the request.

  • Narrative:

    Attach a narrative that describes the proposed project. The proposal should address all of the items outlined under Project Description. The narrative shall be limited to five double-spaced typed pages and begin with a single paragraph executive summary.

    Project Description:
  • State the specific goals and objectives of the project. Is this a new program?

    Outline the anticipated impact of this project. Why is this project important? How many individuals will be affected?

    Describe how the project will be conducted (include a timetable). Do you know of similar projects initiated or run by other organizations or other education institutions?

    Discuss your qualifications to conduct the project. Do you have training or experience in the project area?

    Provide a detailed budget and budget justification. Identify other funding sources applied to for this project and amount of firm pledges or commitments to date.

    Identify which of the following resources/goals the proposed project would address:
    • Mentor: An ongoing relationship with a caring adult
    • Protect: Safe places to learn and grow
    • Nurture: A healthy start
    • Teach: A marketable skill through effective education
    • Serve: An opportunity to give back through community service
  • Max. file size: 20 MB.

  • Evaluation: If the grant is approved, the grantee will submit/present a brief report which will include how the grant monies were used, a progress report of the program and an evaluation of the project.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.